A beginning

So how do you start a blog?

I have been watching people put things on the net for a long time, about things they have given a steampunk look. and decided that its time to show some of the thing im doing.

If you arent sure what i mean by 'steampunk look' then mabey this will help .
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk or just google steampunk in the image search, youll get the idea pretty quick.

There will be some step by step pictures, but im not terribly good at documenting builds. expect gaps and jumps in the updates.

10 March 2010

The Fan

While waiting for some curing on the bbq, i started some work on a destop fan. The idea has been utilised on various mod and hack type websites, so i wont go into how it works. Its more or less self evident anyway.

All ive managed so far is chosing the timber for its base. That comes from a 90 year old fireplace mantle surroundy thing. there are 2 of the pieces with a heart cut into , they will be at the sides of the base.

I have also wound a copper coil for the fan side heat exchange.

i still need the inside container/resevoir and, well thats all really. i will begin making the base tomorrow.

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